Centro Cultural

VIVIENDO EL DÍA. Belén Cerezo. Exhibition

What would it be ‘to film with the body’? Is it possible to film as if we stroked? Would it be possible to film the world-life as Clarice Lispector writes?

The audiovisual installation Viviendo el Día (Living the Day) that is shown in the Water Deposit takes as its central motive a dogs’ walk to generate a reencounter with the world-life through the sensory.The various projections of the installation compose a fragmented narrative of the experiences of this walk through different types of recordings. The narratives of the Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector that suppose an affirmation of life are the starting point of this project. Also, her work insists on the extraordinary with in the every day and explores the limits between binary categories, being these important characteristics of this installation. 

Viviendo el Día (Living the Day) is part of an ongoing artistic research that explores the proposition of ‘filming with the body’ and seeks to ‘rematerialize vision through touch’. This work addresses the concept of ‘haptic visuality’ in and through in-and through a filmic and installation-based practice. Specifically, this research explores the affective friction (graze, rub, touch, stroke...) that operates between the camera’s eye and its filmed surroundings, as well as between the audience and the immersive installation.

Belén Cerezo is an artist, researcher and educator. Her work explores the functioning of images and makes evident a form of ‘affective encounter’ with images. Her work takes the form of audio-visual installations, videos, photographs, writing and presentations. 

Belén Cerezo holds a PhD in Fine Arts from Nottingham Trent University,2015, where she lectures in the Photography Department. In 2016 Cerezo was a resident artist at the Bilbaoarte Foundation, Bilbao,and in 2015 he developed the project ‘Rehearsing Memory, Belton2015’, commissioned by The National Trust 

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