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february 11 - april 10, 2011

Inés Bermejo and Amaia Gracia have come together to produce the project Instantanéité, which was born from the visual and narrative motivation found in the film Le petit Soldat by J. L. Godard.
In the film’s main scene, the two protagonists meet during a photo session.

Godard’s scene situates us in the space of the day-to-day. Under the interpretation and staging of his symmetry we enter a play of representations which we materialise through photography and the audiovisual. The resources of each discipline enable to articulation of suspended, camouflaged, discordant and undefined in time narratives, which highlight the capture of the repetition of the image, of suggested movements, the gestures from the daily life of the individual, the frozen, that which is articulated in the strict sense of the word.

In our work process we have focused on travelling through our own workspace, creating an atmosphere which reflects the film. In this way, the image presented of the characters is recreated and expressed through the image of its authors, as well as in the models (and artists) Esther Estevez and Mireya Martin Larumbe. During the sessions and actions, a series of repeated movements were created, without allowing them to ever conclude. They do not aim to offer a function, either begun or concluded, nor do they tell a story, nor are they consistent, nor do they leave traces or visible signs on time. We reinterpret a Godard sequence, without developing it; we repeat it to interrupt it in the visual image of our pieces, questioning the issues it poses to formulate new questions around the image.

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