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April 15 - May 29, 2011

Duro-duro is a presentation of 11 sculptural elements which have been arranged throughout the space in a specific way. Each artefact has been assigned a set volume which aims to respect the integrity of each of the elements in relation to the rest.

- Searching for and finding “form exercises”, solved in very interesting ways, in contexts which have nothing to do with the art institution, and attempting to reproduce them in the studio. And thinking, or wanting to think, that there is a sensible act behind it. That the intention of the one who has resolved that formal game, despite being naïve, may be effective for the outside gaze (me) who detects it as such. Discoveries of GOOD formal procedures.

- Images tinged with an adolescent attitude. An adolescent attitude, not like the reactionary, but as a specific “wanting to be”, as faith in a limited model. Identity constructions which attempt to follow this model. The advantages of not reaching adulthood.

- Images of that which is not possessed. Images which allude to universes which cannot be reached from the field of action of the image: the natural universe for the consumer object, tradition for the new object, the exotic for civilisation, and even mysticism for a crisis of faith.

- Portraits of the over-acted. Identifying hyperbolic, artificial, inadequate and seductive exercises. Failed yet powerful images: the attraction of defeat.


sahatsa jauregi
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